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In this article, we define the ceramic in a different way. Traditional ceramic and Advanced ceramic is having a different application based on their uses

Ceramic Application based on the the different ceramic property . Ceramic Material  having 7 Different properties.

ceramic exhibition India
Ceramic Concept

14th Annual Ceramic Materials, Machinery, Supplies & Technology Show, will take vicinity from 27 Feb to 01 Mar 2019.

Ceramic Application

Automotive are rapidly growing sector. The Advanced ceramic used for different application in this field . 


Ceramic materials have been produced for custom practices for centuries but they are a rather modern development in medical processes and applications.


The global electrical and electronics industry would not exist without ceramics. Ceramic products used as electrical insulators include spark plugs, hermetic packaging, ceramic arc tubes, and protective parts 

"I Am Happy to sharing my knowledge And Experience Related to the ceramic"

About us

TECHNOCERAMICS is the ceramic information based platform . They will provide all the Ceramic related information i.e. ceramic concepts and ceramic application on different sector/ field .

Our mission

Technoceramic cerating awareness to use advanced ceramic for  Cerating and Mainting the Eco-friendly Environment 

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